James Kim's Body Found


The body of a San Francisco man who had walked into the Oregon wilderness to summon help for his stranded family was found Wednesday in a steep ravine where he had left clues for searchers.

Officials confirmed that James Kim, 35, an editor at the Web site CNET, had been found dead.

Brian Anderson, Undersheriff of Josephine County, broke down and could not finish speaking as he announced that Kim's body was found at 3:03 p.m. ET.

Searchers were attempting to remove Kim's body, and his family members have requested that their privacy be respected, officials said.

Kim walked into the snowy Oregon mountains Saturday to find help for his wife and two young daughters. They were rescued by searchers on Monday.

Clothing and bits of an Oregon map turned up Tuesday in a steep canyon that drains into the Rogue River. Searchers said they believed he was marking his trail for them.

The clothing, which was wet, included two gray sweat shirts, a red T-shirt, a sock and a blue girl's skirt, said Lt. Gregg Hastings of the Oregon State Patrol. Family members said Kim carried the items when he left.

"They were laid out in a well defined area, in a pattern," Hastings said. The pattern led officers to believe that "little signs are being left by James."


As a long time fan of ZDTV turned TechTV I have been watching these events very closely and am greatly saddened by this very sad development. My heart goes out to the Kim family James Kim was a true hero and the sacrifice he made for the health and safety of his family is courageous.

- J

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Photo: This boat swims like a dolphin

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Boats are built for the water, and dolphins are built for the water--but when is the last time you saw a boat built like a dolphin?

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Huge Black Friday Super Sale!

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Walmart is having a ridiculous sale on Black Friday check out some of the deals, More items will be added as the day gets closer. Rumor has it an xbox 360 will added to the list as well.

Huge Black Friday Savings at Walmart.com

Sony's system projects a quiet cool

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Anyone used to the Xbox 360's relatively noisy operation might expect the similarly clunky, power-hungry PlayStation 3 to also crank out some significant whirring. You'd be wrong though; the system runs almost silently from start-up to power-down, gliding along like the sleek, aerodynamic concept car it resembles.

What's more, even with a built-in power supply, an enormous heat sink means that the top surface of the system is cool to the touch even after extended use. The system's heat is directed almost exclusively downward and out through the case's massive side vents, which will hopefully preclude any 360-style problems with overheating.


Seven Years ago today I was 22 years old. In a rented tuxedo here I stand fidgety, nervous but not willing to admit it. Spread out before me are my family, closest friends and... Her. The most amazing woman I have ever met, slowly and rhythmically walks toward me. She is now close enough for me to see through her veil, our eyes lock, my heart skips a beat, a distant voice in my head says "you done good, real good".

While this post is open to the public, really... it is meant for one person. Maria, my wife, thank you. For seven years, two gorgeous little girls and all you have given me. You rock my world baby and make my heart back flip every single time you look at me.

Happy Anniversary!

Unlocking the iPod

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Jon Johansen became a geek hero by breaking the DVD code. Now he's liberating iTunes - whether Apple likes it or not.

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"Battlestar Galactica" Writes Fight With Studio Over Webisode Rights

NBC Universal has refused to pay for or credit the writers for the BSG webisodes, claiming they are promotional material. So the BSG Executive Producer decided to stop making them. In response, NBC Universal has seized the webisodes and filed charges of unfair labor practices against the Writers Guild of America,

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11.17.06 The Wait is Over!

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Jack Thompson Ruling! - Judge will NOT prohibit the sale of Bully

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The judge says he will not prohibit the the sale of Bully. In the time that he played the game, the judge said that he did not see anything so violent that would require the game to be held from being shipped. The judge and Take Two employee used a cheat code in order to skip around in the game and play through various parts, including the more graphic portions of the game.

Bully is an action game from Rockstar that takes place at Bullworth Academy, where you face bullies, mean teachers, and more. Thompson had filed suit against two retailers, GameStop and Wal-Mart, as part of a broader measure to stop the sale of Bully in Florida on the grounds that it violated the state's public nuisance law. It would appear only a few formalities remain before that suit is effectively dismissed.

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Schoolgirl arrested for refusing to study with non-English pupils?

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A teenage schoolgirl was arrested by police for racism after refusing to sit with a group of Asian students because some of them did not speak English.

Codie Stott's family claim she was forced to spend three-and-a-half hours in a police cell after she was reported by her teachers.

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Preorder Microsoft’s Zune

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Zune, now available for
Pre-Order from walmart.com
Zune Pre-Order Links by color...

Pre-Order the Brown Zune at Walmart.com!
Pre-Order the White Zune at Walmart.com!
Pre-Order the Black Zune at Walmart.com!

More About Zune:
Available this holiday season in the United States, Zune includes a 30GB digital media player, the Zune Marketplace music service and a foundation for an online community that will enable music fans to discover new music. The Zune device features wireless technology, a built-in FM tuner and a bright, 3-inch screen that allows users to not only show off music, pictures and video, but also to customize the experience with personal pictures or themes to truly make the device their own. Zune comes in three colors: black, brown and white.

Every Zune device creates an opportunity for connection. Wireless Zune-to-Zune sharing lets consumers spontaneously share full-length sample tracks of select songs, homemade recordings, playlists or pictures with friends between Zune devices. Listen to the full track of any song you receive up to three times over three days. If you like a song you hear and want to buy it, you can flag it right on your device and easily purchase it from the Zune Marketplace.

Zune has a release date of Nov. 14 in the USA and will sell for $249.99

Are you going to Zune? Comments welcome!

Rockstar's "Bully" Not What Critics Were Expecting

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I laid into the kid with a flurry of punches, including a punishing uppercut I'd been taught by an alcoholic Vietnam vet. Wham, wham, wham: Pretty soon I'd pummeled my opponent into the ground. And for my brutal finishing move? I leaned over and gave him a hand up. And lectured him about the importance of not bullying defenseless kids.

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Happy Birthday !!!!

Today is my wife's birthday
Send her a shout out!

Sony Officially Announces First BD-50 Blu-ray Discs

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Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) today announced the imminent arrival of its first three 50GB dual-layer Blu-ray Discs (BD). The heart-warming comedy Click, starring Golden Globe-Nominee Adam Sandler, Oscar-Winner Christopher Walken and Kate Beckinsale, will be available on store shelves October 10. Black Hawk Down, the Oscar-winning, action-packed drama from director Ridley Scott, starring Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor, Tom Sizemore and Eric Bana, features new Blu-Wizard technology and will be available to film fans on November 14. The hilarious box office hit, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, starring writer and producer Will Ferrell and Oscar-nominee John C. Reilly, hits shelves December 12. All three titles were authored by the Sony Pictures Digital Authoring Center (DAC) and manufactured by Sony DADC.

"As consumers make the leap to Blu-ray's incredible high-definition picture and theatre quality audio, they want access to a diverse selection of content packed with added-value features and reference titles like Ridley Scott's powerful war epic Black Hawk Down, that will add to their growing Blu-ray Disc libraries," said David Bishop, President, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. "We're proud to be the first studio to deliver a 50GB Blu-ray Disc title to the marketplace with Click on October 10, along with two other highly entertaining titles this year that offer the expanded capacity and special features only a 50GB disc can provide."

Battle Star Galactica headed To NBC...?

Word has begun to circulate that NBC's acquisition of 'Battlestar Galactica' is in the "waiting for the ink to dry" phase at this moment, and an official announcement could be days away. The program, which returned for its third season last friday, continues to delight fans and critics alike. With Universal's involvement in the big reimagining, it was always a possibility that the program could be pulled to the network if it proved successful enough, and with the lashing NBC is taking over its fall line-up so far an ace-in-the-hole couldn't come at a better time.

The show will make the move to NBC as a mid-season replacement, possibly taking the slot currently occupied by "Studio 60" which would make sense given the genre-centric lead-in of heroes.The question is: will NBC be tolerant of the quasi-political themes that BSG seems to take from the most controversial page of world events? In recent episodes, BSG has examined the flip side of insurgency, terrorists as freedom-fighters, and any number of edgy themes. In the small arena of cable, it is easy to get away with forays into these troubled waters; cable shows are expected to push the envelope to maintain any kind of viewership. On the big network, however, it may be seen as a statement of NBC's political alignment and in polarizing times such as these the concern may be that these themes could bring about the kind of controversy that drives viewers away. Of course, it could do just the opposite.

PS3 Overheating - The Truth

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OK. Here's the independent, non-Sony approved truth. We've played a PS3, for a day, in a room, with it on a table in front of us. At no stage did anyone comment about the noise it made (ie, next to none). And a collegue put his hand behind the machine after it had been running for a few hours and felt warm air being quietly and safely extracted via a fan via the vents at the back of the machine. The surface of the machine remained at room temperature with a small portion at the back being 'warm'. Not hot - 'warm'.

Tired of prying eyes at work?

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My boss recently decided that we'd be more productive if we adopted an open floor plan, which includes having all monitors facing outwards so he can keep a constant eye on what we're working on. In order to continue reading digg in peace, I whipped up a little proxy app which I thought some of you might find useful.

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Free Relaxing Music and Nature Sounds Tool - Very Cool!

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The free relaxing music and nature sounds on this website have been carefully chosen for their ability to aid sleep, reduce stress, and provide a relaxing atmosphere for activities such as yoga, tai-chi, and meditation.

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Awesome anti-DRM ad

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Once DRM enters the picture, you get stuck...

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PS3: Finished PS3 in hands of PS3 Mag

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Some details ...
1) It's quiet like a sleeping baby. A barely audible hum. With the TV on you simply can't hear it at all.
2.)The start up is amazingly fast. And game load times were faster than expected. In fact, PS3 does both at about the same speed of PSP. ie, Long load times due to the massive Blu-ray disc? Nope. Simply not an issue. etc ...

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First Test (Update)

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So I completely forgot to post an update on Isa's test and though its probably moot at this point seeing as how she has taken 5 additional tests since. I am very proud to say she received an 89% on her first test.

- One funny note sitting and doing homework with her is changing the way I write. Trying to mimic those alphabet worksheets with her as she learns the different nuances of each letter has got me really paying attention to typography as I write, which as a designer I guess is a good thing... right?

Man hits wife & tries to make it look like a accident

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YIKES!! Someone posted this on Digg....

First Test

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Isa has her first spelling test today, I think I am more nervous than she is. Why does the English language have to be so odd. example... "do you sea"? or "see" you never think about these things much as an adult. but when your trying to teach a child to spell it can be the cause of much frustration.

Anyway, I'm gonna run and give her another pre-test, I'll post the results when I get them. Wish me her luck!

The Galaxy Just Got a Little Smaller

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The Associated Press

Posted August 24, 2006, 10:17 AM EDT

PRAGUE, Czech Republic -- Leading astronomers declared Thursday that Pluto is no longer a planet under historic new guidelines that downsize the solar system from nine planets to eight.

After a tumultuous week of clashing over the essence of the cosmos, the International Astronomical Union stripped Pluto of the planetary status it has held since its discovery in 1930. The new definition of what is -- and isn't -- a planet fills a centuries-old black hole for scientists who have labored since Copernicus without one.

Although astronomers applauded after the vote, Jocelyn Bell Burnell -- a specialist in neutron stars from Northern Ireland who oversaw the proceedings -- urged those who might be "quite disappointed" to look on the bright side.

"It could be argued that we are creating an umbrella called 'planet' under which the dwarf planets exist," she said, drawing laughter by waving a stuffed Pluto of Walt Disney fame beneath a real umbrella.

The decision by the prestigious international group spells out the basic tests that celestial objects will have to meet before they can be considered for admission to the elite cosmic club.

For now, membership will be restricted to the eight "classical" planets in the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Lex Luthor Man of Steel

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It's been about 3 months since I first heard about the Lex Luthor Man of Steel trade paperback, last Friday I was finally able to pick it up. The first thing that immediately caught my eye is the unique art style of the book. Every panel has a surreal haze to it giving the drawings an almost photographic feel. Also the level of detail is absolutely mind blowing It too really helped in establishing the mood of the book and pulled me, the reader right into Lex Luthor's Metropolis.

The story, as the title suggests this time around is told from Lex Luthor's point of view. For the first time you get some in site into Lex's motivation for his many schemes to destroy Superman over the years. You very quickly realized he may not be the tyrannical power monger he is sometimes depicted as and perhaps... He is right in thinking the city of Metropolis, should maybe reevaluate its dependency on this super powered being from another planet as it's savior.

The book does an amazing job of showing Superman as no book has before, a juggernaut agile, powerful, nearly invincible and quite frightening. His glowing eyes see all... he is a phantom, in a streak of red and blue he is seemingly everywhere at once. Just imagine what could happen if he ever turned against the human race.

Fortunately, the city of Metropolis still has one last line of defense. A lone patriot who is working tirelessly to protect the citizens of Metropolis and the rest of the world from this still unacknowledged threat, this... so called super man. He is Lex Luthor our savior and the true “Man of steel”.

Busy but Productive Weekend...

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Wow, what a weekend I can hardly believe it, this was one of the most productive weekends I have had in a very long time... The weekend was kicked off on Friday, Isa and I had to run a few errands in preparation for her first day of school, followed up by a trip to the bookstore where I picked up a few titles for some client research, a couple books for the kids and both The Lady in the Water and a comic book for myself. Lunch followed and then a trip to the sitter to pick up Oli. I still had a couple hours of work to attend to once we finally arrived home So I did that, made dinner and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Saturday even more busy, I had a shoot down in Phoenix for “The Road Less Traveled 2 & 3” from 9am – 6pm. Home, dinner, playtime with the kids and I managed to read the Lex Luthor Man of Steel TP I bought the previous day.

Sunday, another shoot in Phoenix “The Road Less Traveled 3” from 9am – 1pm, followed by Lunch with my good friend Joey and then back home again. Maria and the kids were out when I got there so I thought the quiet would be a good environment to get some some drawing done so I sketched about 100 gestures before finally calling it a night.

Sony slashing prices for holidays?

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According to industry analysts, Sony is going to make one of its gaming platforms very affordable this holiday season. Unfortunately for next-gen gamers, they're not talking about the PlayStation 3.

Analysts believe that a price cut for the PSP is inevitable sometime later this year, reports CNN/Money. The PSP's current suggested retail price is $199, but American Technology Research's P.J. McNealy believes the handheld's price will fall to $149.

"There is a price cut coming in the second half of the year," McNealy told CNN. "[The PSP] has lost momentum. Nintendo has had a great run since it launched the DS Lite and Sony needs to regain some ground."

Besides the need to compete with Nintendo's DS Lite this holiday season, McNealy points toward Sony "apparently stockpiling finished gaming hardware" as a sign that a price cut is imminent. The price drop could also be tied into a game's launch, such as October's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, the follow up to one of the PSP's biggest hits.

The PSP's price was dropped from $249 to $199 in March, and another price drop this holiday could help Sony make a dent in Nintendo's DS Lite momentum. CNN/Money puts the PSP at 20 million units shipped worldwide, while the DS, in large part thanks to the release of the redesigned DS Lite, has sold 21 million units. The DS Lite currently retails for $129.

The Afro Samurai Comicon Trailer is online...

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The official website for Spike TV's Afro Samurai, voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, has launched with the new trailer, which was shown at the San Diego Comic-Con.

The five episode series is the tale of a black samurai in futuristic, yet feudal Japan who is on a mission to avenge the wrongful death of his father. "Afro" is a warrior who travels a solitary path encountering a myriad of enemies, friends and challenges beyond imagination.

The series, produced in Japanese animation, blends samurai style with hip-hop, creating a kind of action that American audiences have never seen before.

Afro Samurai is a creative collaboration between Jackson, Takashi Okazaki and Japanese animation company Gonzo, a division of GDH, who is also acting as series producer. The concept of Afro Samurai was created by graphic designer, illustrator and artist Takashi "Bob" Okazaki (Spider-Man, Blade: Trinity).


Phoenix Serial Shooter Caught. Maybe...

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Last night police descended upon the Windscape Apartments in Mesa, AZ and arrested two men in connection with the person or persons they are looking for, known to Valley residents as the Serial Shooter. The Serial Shooter is believed to be responsible for killing 8 people and wounding 18 people since May 2005. The police took weapons from the apartment and confiscated a vehicle. The apartment complex, located at Mesa Drive and McKellips Road, is under lockdown at this time while police question neighbors and look for more physical evidence.

The Microsoft vs Apple debate...

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Actor Mako Dies at the age of 72

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Japanese-American actor Mako, who was Oscar-nominated for his supporting role in "The Sand Pebbles" and who co-founded the nation's first Asian-American theater company, died Friday of esophageal cancer at his home in Somis. He was 72.

In the early days of his acting career, when most roles offered to Asian American actors were caricatures or stereotypes, Mako took just such a part and used it to open the doors of Hollywood and Broadway to others.

In the 1966 film "The Sand Pebbles," he played the Chinese character Po-han, who spoke pidgin English, called the white sailors in the movie "master," and treated them as such. But through the power of his acting, Mako transformed Po-han and compelled the audience to empathize and identify with the engine-room "coolie."

The portrayal earned Mako an Academy Award nomination, which he used to continue his push for more and better roles for Asian American actors co-founding the East West Players, the nation's first Asian American theater company in 1965.

In an acting career that spanned more than four decades, Mako was a familiar face in film and television. His TV roles included appearances on "McHale's Navy," "I Spy," "MASH," "Quincy," and "Walker, Texas Ranger." In films, he was a Japanese admiral in "Pearl Harbor" and a Singaporean in "Seven Years in Tibet." He was Akiro the wizard in "Conan the Barbarian" and "Conan the Destroyer" with now-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mako used the prominence the Oscar nomination gave him to address the dearth of parts for Asian Americans in general. Unless a script specifically called for an Asian American, producers and casting directors rejected them for roles. "Of course, we've been fighting against stereotypes from Day 1 at East West," Mako said in 1986. "That's the reason we formed: to combat that, and to show we are capable of more than just fulfilling the stereotypes - waiter, laundryman, gardener, martial artist, villain."

For more info on Mako visit his IMDB page at imdb.com
and you can find more info on the East West players on the official site at eastwestplayers.org

Ledger To Get The Joker Nod?

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Heath Ledger has apparently been offered the role as The Joker in the next installment of the new Batman franchise. Now, compared to the rest of the people who have been mentioned in the same breath as The Joker (Robin Williams?), it's good to know that at least the casting is headed in the right direction.

It's funny, Ledger has always kinda reminded me of Val Kilmer which makes this news sort of Ironic since Val's entrance into the Batman world sprang the first leak on Joel Schumacher's sinking ship now known as the "SS Sell More Batman Toys".

First pic of Optimus Prime ?!

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This is the supposedly leaked pic of Optimus Prime in vehicle mode as he will appear in next years Transformers movie. The image is currently sweeping across the internet sending fans into fits of rage and disgust posting all over the forums and cursing Michael Bay and Paramount.

At this point after all the hoopla surrounding Bumblebee "the Camaro" and Megatron being changed from a gun to a tank or planet or whatever... I'm just happy that Optimus will still be a truck. And for now I'll just reserve my judgment until the trailers start rolling out...

First PS3s rolling into production

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According to the AFX news service, Taiwan's Commercial Times is reporting the PlayStation 3 has begun production. The report says that Sony will take delivery of the first batch of 200,000 consoles by the end of the month.

In attempting to verfiy the Commercial Times report, AFX contacted Taiwan's Asustek, the firm producing the PS3, which declined to comment on the news. Asustek may be better known to American PC gamers as the motherboard manufacturer Asus. The company has a previously stated policy of not commenting on matters due to confidentiality agreements it has with clients.

According to the report, Sony expects a total of 4 million PS3s from Asustek in its "first consignment," with monthly shipments of 200,000, increasing to 2 million in October. Another company, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd., is also expected to begin making PS3s for Sony soon.

Gamers worried about an Xbox 360-esque shortage of systems at the PS3 launch might find the news heartening. Earlier this month, CNN/Money's Chris Morris reported that the Xbox 360 entered production a mere 69 days before first hitting shelves. Currently the PS3 is 114 days away from its November 11 release in Japan, and 120 days from its November 17 launch in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Source: Brendan Sinclair, GameSpot

National Semiconductor wants some payback!

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Laid-off employees at National Semiconductor have been asked to return the iPods given to them last month as part of a company-wide reward. On June 12th, National Semiconductor announced that it was giving each of its 8,500 employees a 30GB fifth-generation iPod for having an exceptionally profitable year. The Star-Telegram now reports: “Last week, the company laid off 35 employees at its Arlington plant. To the surprise of some at the plant, the laid-off workers were asked to give back their high-tech toys… One of the 35 laid-off workers said many employees at the Arlington plant were under the impression that the iPods were theirs to keep. Some had sold them or given them as gifts, according to the caller. Employees who leave the company can return the device or pay ‘fair market value’ for it.” [via CNET News.com]

Sony In the News Again

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A Sony PSP ad promoting the new Ceramic White model of the system in the Netherlands is causing an international stir. Gaming Web sites and message boards have lit up with debate over the ad this week after a picture went up on digitalbattle.com, and now California Assemblyman Leland Yee and the San Jose/Silicon Valley chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) have made their feelings on the issue known.

The series of ads show a white woman in all white promoting the system in various ways. But it's one ad in particular that has several calling the campaign racist. In the controversial piece, the white woman is wearing a scowl on her face and holding a black woman in all black by the jaw, and reads "PlayStation Portable White is coming."

In a statement titled "Sony stoops to new low with racially charged ad," Yee said he was "deeply disappointed" in the publisher's decision to run the ad, which features a white woman holding a black woman by the jaw in a threatening manner. Sony has said the ad, one in a series that features the white woman promoting the system in a variety of ways, was designed to show the contrast between the colors of the new and old PSPs, and has "no other message or purpose."

"Whether in the US or abroad, using differences in skin color to articulate the fact that your video game console now comes in white can be interpreted as insensitive at best and racist at worst," Yee said.

Today, those who criticized the ad and condemned Sony for running it, commended the publisher. According to a statement from Yee, Sony has pulled the advertising campaign and apologized to anyone offended by it. "I am pleased to see Sony taking responsibility for their racially charged ad and appropriately pulling it from the marketplace," Yee said. "Sony did the right thing by recognizing their insensitive mistake and apologizing for offending many of their customers."

- A Sony representative confirmed that the ads had been pulled, and offered the following statement:

Whilst the images used in the campaign were intended solely to highlight the contrast between the different colors available for the PSP, we recognize that the subject matter of one specific image may have caused concern in some countries not directly affected by the advertising. As a result, we have now withdrawn the campaign.

We further recognize that people have a wide variety of perceptions about such imagery and we wish to apologize to those who perceived the advert differently to that intended. In future, we will apply greater sensitivity in our selection of campaign imagery, and will take due account of the increasingly global reach of such local adverts, and their potential impact in other countries.

According to the Sony representative, the company had only received a single complaint about the ads from within the Netherlands.

Personally, I rather liked the campaign and thought it was a smart well put together campaign. Unfortunatly there are still folks who get super sensitive when it comes to issues of Black and White.

UFC 61: Bitter Rivals

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UFC 61 was the first Professional sports event I have ordered by way of Pay Per View since the long lamented Tyson Holyfield fight (49.95 ouch!). Since then I have not been too eager to throw my hard earned money at a PPV sporting event.

This summer I have become hooked on the reality series "The Ultimate Fighter 3", I think as a former wrestler and a fan of UFC as a teen, the show seemed to rekindle a forgotten love for the sport of mixed martial arts, that and the fact that UF3 was a well produced show. I started watching the show alone and soon my wife (not a sports fan) who originally would only watch bits and pieces of the show was eventually sitting right next to me watching the final episodes in of the season and the big finale.

It was during the finale that we learned UF3 coaches, Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock who often displayed a common dislike/hate for each other during the filming of the show would be fighting at UFC 61. Maria my wife, didnt hesitate she said "we should order that"! And so when July 8 came around we did just that.

Overall I am pleased to say I was completely happy with the purchase, the UFC really knows how to put on a show. While the top billed matches "Ortiz vs Shamrock" and "Silva vs Arlovski" were not exactly what I was hoping for, most of the under card matches were still excellent fights and there were plenty of them, Adding value to the event. It almost seems as if the UFC is given a time slot and they literally tried to squeeze as many fights into that time frame as possible. Very unlike boxing where if there are 3 fights scheduled and if they all end quickly it feels like you've gambled and lost.

I am really looking forward to the Ultimate Fighter season 4, and I expect there will be little hesitation about ordering other UFC events in the future.

Sony and Apple form like Voltron and PS3 is the head?

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All week there has been a quiet rumor floating around that on the Official US PlayStation site, the infamous Apple logo flashed over the image of the PS3 for just a second as the site loads. In this instance as odd as it may sound the rumor was true.

But what does this mean? Checking the Official US PlayStation 3 website now reinforces the original idea that this was all just a slip-up. The site no longer flashes the Apple logo, and the smoke that accompanied the image in the background is now gone. Today a video that shows just what's going on behind the scenes of the flash file popped up thanks to the keen use of a flash decompiler program, when contacted about the phantom logo Sony's PR people were apparently just as surprised at the appearance of the logo as the rest of us.

There are theories floating around the inter-web about what happened, everything from viral marketing tactics by Sony and Apple to
thoughts that Sony may have used a trial version of Apple's "Shake" and forgot to remove the watermark, what ever the case it was great hearing some PS3 rumbling going on that weren't negative...

New Bond?

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If you havent seen it I've got another cool teaser for you from the upcoming bond film featuring a new 007. This time around Bond will be played by Daniel Craig who you may know from roles a a variety of films like The Road to Perdition, Tomb Raider 2, Layer Cake and most recently Munich. When i first heard about him being cast I thought it was an odd choice but upon seeing the teaser, it looks like the film has promise.

Check out the teaser here

Happy Birthday America!

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On July 4, 1776, we claimed our independence from Britain and Democracy was born. Every day thousands leave their homelands to come to the "land of the free and the home of the brave" so they can begin their American Dream.

The United States is truly a diverse nation made up of dynamic people. Each year on July 4, Americans celebrate that freedom and independence with barbecues, picnics, fireworks and family gatherings. However you decide to celebrate be sure to make this Independence Day as safe and healthy as possible.

Spiderman and Transformers start teasing!

So this week marked the launch of the first round of teasers for both Spiderman 3 and the Transformers movies. If the teasers are any indication it looks like the two movies will be very good although you don't really see much in the Transformers teaser you do get a good feel for what could be the mood of the film.

Spiderman 3 on the other hand is just amazing, I really wasnt expecting to see so much in a teaser and it really left me hungry for more. Looks like another big box office score for Sony and Marvel!

Check out the teaser for Transformers the Movie here.

And see the teaser for Spiderman3 here.

Aaron Spelling

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So in case you haven't heard already, world renowned producer Aaron Spelling passed away. Spelling died Friday at his Los Angeles mansion after suffering a stroke on June 18, according to publicist Kevin Sasaki. He was 83. Mr. Spelling was responsible for some the most well known and well respected American television shows and programming of the late 60s on through the 90s.

For more information on Aaron Spelling and his amazing portfolio check his imdb listing.

Been a while!

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As I was leaving a grocery store this afternoon there was a woman about 35-40 years of age sitting in a very nice Lexus. She was parked in the path of where my car was parked so I was obviously heading in her general direction. As I approached almost as if scripted she looked up, noticed me coming and I distinctly heard the doors lock. As I walked by I could see her watching me through her rear view mirrors.

Now I know what your thinking... oh no! here comes a rant on racism and equality well if that's what your looking for you should go elswhere because to tell the truth in the very same situation, parked in an unfamiliar neighborhood or if I notice an unsavory looking pedestrian approching my car I'd do the very same thing.

So why bring it up at all then? Because It's just been so long since this has happened to me I was starting to think I'd lost my mojo :)

Vegas Baby!

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Thanks so much to all the Howies for welcoming us to all of the scheduled meetups and letting us crash their party even though we didnt attend the conference. Thanks to Mel for inviting us to her wedding, it was a beautiful ceremony and I am so glad to have finally met you and Rob you two are awesome and I am glad to call you both friends.

Amy... I love you like the little sister I never had, the trip wouldn't have been nearly as fun without you and your barely legal adventures! And we've got the video to prove it, don't we maria? ;)

Steve... Every now and then you meet someone and you feel like you've known them for years. It's so easy for me to jump into conversations with you whether it was about tech, design or just life in general I'm glad to have met you. And your right if those techs hadn't shown up we would have had the whole loft wired right.

Jen... It was great to finally meet you and talk to you. We'll be seeing you soon.

Brandon... One cool cat... It was really great meeting you and likewise Tucson is just a short drive away so we'll be seeing you again soon.

Mary... Awesome, nuff said!

Keith... Go hug a F-ing Monk!

Dave... I wish I could have been there to help carry you back to Mandalay bay I felt bad leaving Dunder and the girls to do it. Oh well theres always next year!

Ladyluck... You were a witness in case the Vegas PD calls. LOL really I'm glad I met you I wish I could've met your husband I heard he is quite a character.

Cal... It was great to meet you in person, I hope your not too mad at me for ending up with JeffBob's website...

Jeope... We didn't get to talk much I wish we could've had a moment to talk shop I have always been a big fan of your work!

Prax... Another cool cat definitely one of the most interesting people I met.

Cheryl... What can I say, you rock I wish we could've talked more.

Michelle... We had a couple brief conversations and it was great meeting you, I hope to talk to you again soon.

E Downs, Delineate & Mrs. Delineate, Pez, Loren, N2, Doggydoodle... All great people I wish we could've talked a bit more. Vegas was really a whirlwind and considering we werent at the conference I know I missed out on the chance to get to know you all better but I am glad to have met each and every one of you and I will talk to you all again soon.

And if I met you and you think I forgot to mention you, believe me you're in there too just read between the lines... :P

Maria posted some pics so I'm going to steal her link...

How do you spell revenge?

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R-E-V-E-N-G-E? no it's spelled... N-o-w-i-t-z-k-i

Nowitzki scored 12 of his 30 points in the fourth quarter, including six during a game-changing run. Jason Terry scored the other six in that run and finished with 18. Nowitzki also had 14 rebounds.

Okay now that Phoenix has officially been gunned down my temporary run as a Mavs fan is over. Good job guys!

There's still hope yet...

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Ok... so I'm totally pissed my Lakers got knocked out of the playoffs, and the fact that it was the Suns that did it, is just insult to injury. In order to get some satisfaction I have decided to temporarily jump on the Dallas Mavericks band wagon strictly till I get some revenge.

I don't know why I hate the Suns so much, I just do and it will make me giddy to no end if Dallas beats the Suns. Go Mavs!

Paris Hilton makes game launch blunder

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After the hotel heiress arrived at an autograph signing an hour and a half late she said... "Sorry I'm late, I’m really excited to have my new video game, ‘Diamondquest.’ Thank you all for coming, and you can download the game”.

The game is actually named Jewel Jam.

Columbine Game Author Outed

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The author of Internet game Super Columbine Massacre RPG has been identified. Previously known as 'Columbin', he is a 24-year-old from Alamosa. Co., around 400 miles south of the scene of the 1999 massacre.

Read Entire Article at next-gen.biz

Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Windows 9.0.1 Update

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Publisher's Description:

Adobe Photoshop introduces the next generation of image editing with powerful new features that offer something for every user. Delivering the broadest and most productive toolset available, Photoshop helps you explore your creativity, work at peak efficiency, and achieve the highest quality results across all media.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 has the following other editions available: Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Mac OS X.

Latest Changes:

  • Photoshop no longer hangs for several seconds when using painting tools with quick strokes
  • A runtime error that could appear when mousing over a high-res document with the Brush tool has been fixed
  • Documents containing a large number of text layers now open more quickly
  • Problems related to palettes (slow redraw, palettes go white, possible crash) have been addressed
  • TIFF files from certain scanners can now be opened correctly
  • After editing an image in Photoshop CS2 via the TouchUp tool in Adobe Acrobat software, the image no longer gets repositioned
  • XMP metadata from AI and PDF files is now retained in Photoshop
  • Slow performance when toggling layer visibility has been fixed
  • Info palette numbers are now displayed and updated when moving a curve point in Curves via the cursor keys
  • Problems opening certain TIFF and PSB files greater than 2GB have been resolved
  • The Merge to HDR command now functions properly when using high-ASCII characters in user login

Download Now from fileforum.com

More info...

La Lakers

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Oh well, better luck next year...

Tonight 5:30pm GMT & PST

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Hopes high, Fingers crossed...

Moussaoui jailed over September 11 attacks

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A federal jury in Virginia decided Wednesday to spare the life of Zacarias Moussaoui, the only person charged and convicted in connection with the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

After deliberating about 40 hours over a nearly two-week period, the jury decided that Moussaoui should not be executed and should instead be sent to prison for life without chance of parole.

A death sentence would have required a unanimous vote by the jury. The jury recommendation is binding on the judge in the case and Moussaoui will be formally sentenced on Thursday.

The verdict was announced by court spokesman Edward Adams outside the federal courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia, near Washington.

"Under the law, the jurors may also write in mitigating factors they believe have been proven by the evidence but were not suggested to them by defense counsel," said Edward Adams. "On count one, the jurors wrote in one such factor. They wrote that the defendant had limited knowledge of the 9/11 attack plans. Three jurors found that mitigating factor to have been proven."

As Moussaoui was led out of the courtroom after the verdict on Wednesday, he shouted, "America, you lost. I won."




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I'm not one to cry but this definitely got me a bit misty eyed, its like he channeled the spirit of Magic or something. It's the kind of stuff that really tugs at the heart strings...

Come on Lakers just one more.

Mountain of tissue

Okay this will be a quick post but I had to share. My daughter had to stay home from the sitter today because she is sick, but I have a deadline so I have to work I really don't have much choice. Her nose has been running like crazy and I mustve left the tissue on the coffee table after I last cleaned her nose. Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words so here ya go...

Not a great pic its from my camera phone and was taken pretty quickly but the pile of tissue is bigger than she is and there is more on the floor (brand new just opened box and all). I could'nt even be mad because she seemed so happy smiling like "look what I made daddy".

Woman Is Treated for the friggin Black Plague?

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The infected patient, whose identity was withheld, came down with symptoms last week and continues to be treated in a hospital for the disease, which is characterized by swollen, black lumps under the skin, officials said. She may have contracted the disease from fleas in the area around her Country Club Park neighborhood.

Although the disease is "rare, it is important to remember that this still can happen," said Dr. Jonathan Fielding, director of public health for the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services.

Traps have been set out for squirrels and other wild animals in the area to determine the extent of exposure, officials said. Neighbors are being warned to avoid contact with dead animals and fleas from rodents and pets.

Although human cases of the plague are uncommon, it is endemic to ground squirrels and some rodents in parts of the Angeles National Forest, Tehachapi, Lake Isabella and Frazier Park.

An outbreak of the plague beginning in 1347, infamously known as the "Black Death," wiped out as much as one-third of Europe's population in the Middle Ages. After the 14th century, the plague reoccurred sporadically for the next 500 years.

The last major urban epidemic in the United States occurred in Los Angeles in 1924, resulting in dozens of deaths. On average, about five to 15 people get the plague every year around the country, mostly in rural areas, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Go Carlos!

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I'm a Mencia fan from way back and this is his best rant ever...

Principal Forces Kids To Use Buckets in Classrooms As Toilets: Officials Defend Action As “Honest Mistake”

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INGLEWOOD, California (AP) — A principal trying to prevent walkouts during immigration rallies inadvertently introduced a lockdown so strict that children weren’t allowed to go to the bathroom, and instead had to use buckets in the classroom, an official said.

Worthington Elementary School Principal Angie Marquez imposed the lockdown March 27 as nearly 40,000 students across Southern California left classes to attend immigrants’ rights demonstrations.

Marquez apparently misread the district handbook and ordered a lockdown designed for nuclear attacks.

Tim Brown, the district’s director of operations, confirmed some students used buckets but said the principal’s order to impose the most severe type of lockdown was an “honest mistake.”

Soulflower Interactive Is Live...

ATTENTION: Soulflower Interactive Design Studio has recently announced the launch of its newly re-designed corporate website located at www.soulflowerinteractive.com. The new flash based website features user friendly navigation, more focused content and a cleaner user interface for enhanced usability.

Please visit Soulflower Interactive's website for more information.


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There has been quite a bit going on lately and because of this I haven’t really had the time to post as often as I would like. Just to start the process of catching up, I'll tell you about the most exciting of my recent adventures.

Last weekend a swarm of bees decided to start a hive in our backyard particularly inside our patio ceiling. It was easily one of the most interesting and worrisome things I have ever had front row seats to. On Sunday when it started, there were 4-10 bees floating around the patio at any given time and by Monday afternoon there were 20-50, as one would enter an opening in the patio another would come flying in from the sky to join the squadron flying around, almost as if they were sending radio signals back and forth to each other (not really into bees I’m sure a real nature buff will email and tell me that’s precisely what they were doing) but in any case it was pretty surreal to watch it happening.

The bill for removing a hive can range anywhere from $150 to nearly $600 so it was fortunate that the bees weren’t able to successfully establish their hive and apparently the life span of the worker bee is only a couple of days, so defeated they began to climb out of the patio and fall to their deaths. At first I was relived but after a while I began to get frustrated. You see, in just a couple days over a thousand bees had made their way into my patio and now they were piled up all over the patio floor dead. Needless to say it was quite a mess.

It took a couple hours, a broom an electric blower and a water hose but the patio is now cleaner than ever. And while the wifey still looks up cautiously before stepping out of the house and onto the patio its fair to say things are pretty much back to normal.

The Empire Strikes Back!

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"South Park" fans have struck back, threatening to boycott Viacom's upcoming Tom Cruise flick "Mission: Impossible III" until Viacom's Comedy Central puts back on its schedule the show's Scientology spoof episode the network yanked last week.

Meanwhile, Comedy Central and the show's creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, hoped to placate the angry mob with a hastily thrown together season-opening episode in which Chef is brainwashed by "a fruity little club" the Super Adventure Club -- "South Park's" new, thinly veiled metaphor, in case you haven't figured it out yet, for Scientology whose members travel the globe having sex with children.

Finally... Ken Kutaragi Talks PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. announced in Toyko earlier today that the PlayStation 3 would be launching worldwide in early November. The company had said earlier that it would come out in Japan in April and other locations, including the United States, for the holidays.

Typically Sony launches products locally in Japan, then worldwide. This will be the first worldwide simultaneous release of a PlayStation console.

The company promised to have enough units for people to buy, with a production capacity of a million PS3s each month. As previously reported, the new console will feature a high density Blu-Ray DVD drive, which can store up to 50 gigabytes of information on a single disc, allowing for games that approach PC titles in detail and action and the ability to watch movies in full HD.

Sony also announced that it was dropping the price on its PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld gaming device to $199, a $50 reduction and there were new details about Sony's next gen online gaming community poised to fire back at Microsoft's XBox Live.

Sony says God of War is Grrreat!

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God of War has been added to the Playstation 2 Greatest Hits Collection, which means it can now be had for a mere $19.99. So all of you thrifty gamers can rejoice head out to your favorite video game retailer and finally find out what all the fuss has been about. for more info on God of War check out my review.

How about a Krispy Kreme hamburger?

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The minor-league team Gateway Grizzlies of the Frontier League will begin selling a concessions item that is not for the calorie-conscious,
ESPN reported.

"Baseball's Best Burger," as the Grizzlies call it, will consist of a hamburger topped with cheddar cheese and two slices of bacon — all between a "bun" made of a sliced Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donut.

The burger is not for the faint of heart — literally — and will contain roughly 1,000 calories and 45 grams of fat. Read entire story here


So Sat. night Maria and I went Curling with some friends of her's from work, one of the guys watched the event on the winter olympics and went on a mad search to find out where to curl in Arizona. Slightly reluctantly Maria and I drove down to scottsdale having absolutely no idea what we were in for. Surprisingly It was a whole lotta fun I really had no idea I would enjoy it so much yes I did slip and fall flat on my back but it was a very graceful fall and I laughed very hard as I lay there on the ice staring at the ceiling. All things considered it wa a very good night indeed, in fact I am considering joining the Coyotes Curling Club, we'll see... For more info on Curling in Arizona check out Coyotes Curling Club by clicking here.

Back to the real world

We are back from our weekend trip to Sedona, I really had no idea it would be so beautiful and peaceful there, it's known as a sort of artist's retreat and I completely understand why now. being up in the fresh air with all of the mountain landscapes, clouds and trees, you really forget your in Arizona a mere 2 hours away from normalcy.

As promised here are some pics of the Amara Resort where we stayed.

The Amara Resort exterior shot

the courtyard

A guest room (our room was actully bigger but we didnt take photos unfortunatly)

The room had a whirlpool bath perfect for two ;)

The room had windows all around with a private patio at each

A small water feature in the courtyard

Another shot of the courtyard

From the end of the courtyard you can see oak creek

The courtyard was filled with amazing art.

My favorite piece of art in the courtyard.

Maria by creekside.

Damn, its cold up here!

"The Creek" an upscale restaurant on the resort.

Maria's meal of choice
"The Petite Filet"
Cranberry-Blue Cheese Crusted Grilled Beef Tenderloin On A Leek-Boursin Potato Croquet with Tobacco Onions & Porto Demi-Glace.

My meal of choice
"The Amara Duet"
Grilled Tenderloin Finished with Cabernet Sauce & Jumbo
Lump Crab Cake with Leek & Red Bliss Smashed Potatoes,
Grilled Asparagus

Overall we had a really wonderful time, we plan to go back again soon and enjoy more of what Sedona has to offer.