The Marketing of Devil

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Devil, is an upcoming film by directors Drew & John Erick Dowdle (Quarantine), the story originally conceived by M. Night Shyamalan centers around a group of people trapped in an elevator. As the minutes turn to hours their situation grows more and more tense, especially after a series of horrifying events lead the group to believe one among them is not who they claim to be.

While that synopsis alone, and the promise that one of the trapped people is actually the devil is enough to get my butt in a folding seat—popcorn in hand. The icing on the cake is all of the cleverly designed marketing for the film, which uses simple but incredibly ominous references to Satan/Hell. If you haven't seen the posters yet check them out below:

Link to trailer | Official site

The kid turns 10!

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Glad my daughter's birthday party is going so great, at least I think it is, I mean - they appear to be having fun, though I'm still trying to understand how little girls play.

From my perspective, it seems they run into a room, scream, run into another room, then one of them may whisper something that sounds like conspicuously like Jonas or Bieber, they all giggle and the cycle starts again.

At least when boys play the games seem to make sense. Cowboys and astronauts, soldiers, and Xbox.

Blu Ray New Releases 5/11

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This may well be the best release week for Blu-ray yet. With not just one but several cult favorites finally available in 1080p it's looking like the Blu-ray faithful have quite a lot to be happy about.

Engadget HD

Nice guys finish...?

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A few days a week my gym routine consists of a 2 mile run, followed by a 1 mile walk. Since I absolutely hate running, this is considered to be a great accomplishment for me and do everything I can to complete the full 3 miles each morning. Today though, I was forced to stop short, this is thanks to the rather smelly fella who began walking on the treadmill next to me.

If this were normal, run-of-the-mill B.O., I may have been able to persevere, but I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say it smelled as if this guy cooked a roast beef dinner with peas and onions in his armpits for a whole day, then came to the gym today like... “ding, it’s ready!”.

After the first mile the smell hit me and my stride was broken, my legs were weakened. It was a struggle, but I still managed to finish my second mile. After which the smell was just too much to handle and I literally ran out of the gym.

I suppose I could've changed treadmills or found some other way to continue my workout, but there was a part of me that didn’t want to be blatant or in any way make the guy feel bad. Who knows, maybe it’s some sort of biological thing he can’t help, like a rare stewed beef disease or something.

Whatever the case, this seems to be a common thread for me, sometimes putting the feelings or self-esteem of others ahead of my personal comfort, maybe it’s a good thing and I’m a better person for it, or maybe I’m just too nice and destined to finish last, or in this case not finish at all. One thing's for certain though, I got some pretty sweet blogger's revenge in this post.

Quick Review - Opera mini for iPhone & iPod Touch

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The iPhone OS version of Opera mini has launched on the iTunes App store. The release finalizes a long development cycle for the Norwegian company who submitted their App last month for Apple certification.

Many tech news columnists and bloggers surmised the App would be rejected by Apple for replicating functionality already present within the iPhone OS. As this has been the impetus for Apple rejecting several other high profile Apps released since the online App store's launch.

I've spent an hour or so with the App and here are my first impressions.

What's Hot:

- It's very FAST.
- Real time tab previews while switching
- More tabs open at once, up to 23.
- Fullscreen mode
- Settings menu easily accessible in App
- Wide array of settings and functions available to improve browsing experience such as image quality and font size.
- "Find in page" function
- URL Bar, Google search fields, slide in and out as needed. A nice visual touch.

What's not:

- Multitouch navigation such as pinch to zoom is a bit finicky.
- Many websites do not render correctly.
- Not very intuitive, the interface tries a variety of new ways to interact but misses more than hits.
- Opera's server side page loading method does not pass through the corporate firewall at work.
- A loss of Wi-Fi or mobile connection seems to crash the App

While not quite ready to unseat Safari as the king of iPhone OS web browsing, this is a fantastic product created by Opera. iPhone users, especially those with iPhone 2G hardware will really benefit from the high speeds and customization available in this browser.

Get Opera Mini for iPhone OS