First Test (Update)

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So I completely forgot to post an update on Isa's test and though its probably moot at this point seeing as how she has taken 5 additional tests since. I am very proud to say she received an 89% on her first test.

- One funny note sitting and doing homework with her is changing the way I write. Trying to mimic those alphabet worksheets with her as she learns the different nuances of each letter has got me really paying attention to typography as I write, which as a designer I guess is a good thing... right?

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YIKES!! Someone posted this on Digg....

First Test

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Isa has her first spelling test today, I think I am more nervous than she is. Why does the English language have to be so odd. example... "do you sea"? or "see" you never think about these things much as an adult. but when your trying to teach a child to spell it can be the cause of much frustration.

Anyway, I'm gonna run and give her another pre-test, I'll post the results when I get them. Wish me her luck!