Moral Hypocrites!

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So, I had to do some quick shopping at Wal-Mart this morning and I saw the most interesting thing.

Wal-mart is known as the store which will quickly take any content it feels is morally questionable off the shelves to protect its customers and make them feel safe shopping at Wal-Mart, a fact they are very proud of.

So you could imagine my how humorous it was walking by the electronics dept and seeing the final battle in Star Wars epIII playing on every TV.

For those of you who've never seen it here is what happens. Anakin and Obi-Wan have a light saber battle Obi-Wan then proceeds to cut off both of Anakins legs and one of his hands. Anakin growling, grunting and screaming "I hate you" slides down a hill and halfway into hot molten lava where he then catches on fire and screams in agony. The fire goes out and reveals he is now bald and severely burned ala Freddy Krueger.

I guess violence is okay as long as you don't sing or rap about it...

A Cheap Ass Gamer & The Mark of Kri

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Title: The Mark of Kri
Genre/Category: Action, Adventure
System: PlayStation®2
Number of Players: 1
Game Rating: ( M ) mature audiences

I never hide the fact that I love playing video games, I own a PS1, PS2 a Gamboy Advance SP and a Nintendo Gamecube in fact I will probably be buying an Xbox soon. The thing that suprises most people is that I am pretty cheap when it comes to buying games, typically I buy used games or from the bargain bin. Its not that I have some sort of thing against paying full price for games, I just would like to play every great game that I come across and with so many games coming out contstantly I have a very long list of games out there I still need catching up on. Believe it or not some even date all the way back to 2002. One good example is "The Mark of Kri".

The Mark of Kri is a game that for years I have really wanted to play but somehow never picked up till now. basically its a platformer about a barbarian fighting to stop the evil forces from yada yada, blah blah... The games strong points are a unique fighting system which employs the right analog stick to dynamically select which enemies you will focus on and attack, nice graphics which hold up suprisingly well after 3 years and the ability to dispach your enemies in a variety of very violent yet creative ways. There are tons of unlockables which add lots of replay value and the missions have good variety allowing you to choose from stealth or a full frontal assault to accomplish your goals.

The game also has great music and a well written storyline you can easily see the developers were influenced by Conan, there's even an alternate costume you can unlock which pays homage to one particular scene in Conan the Barbarian. "I won't spoil it but Wow"!

Overall the Mark of Kri is an excellent game that may have slipped under your radar when it was originally released it has tons of unlockables for added replay value and can be had for close to the price of a game rental, if your into platformers or a fan of the Conan movies I suggest you pick this one up.

- Big Kid Score - 5 ot of 5

Tempe Music Festival 2006

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So, this year were getting an early start on the Tempe Music Festival website Yay! It's pretty exciting because it seems I am going to get a bit more creative control and I am going make all the updates this year so I won't have to dumb down the design or HTML code so someone less experienced can update. I believe the result will be a much more professional and uniform looking site.

We are still having some trouble nailing down the perfect design so there is just a splash page up now, feel free to check it out here I hope to post updates as we progress so you can see how it all comes together and maybe get a little insight on my process.

Pirates of Silicon Valley Released on DVD!

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Did I mention that I am a geek?... No? well i am going to have a hell of a time hiding it after this post while all of you non-geeks are running to the video store to grab a copy of Pirates of the Carribean let me tell ya us true geeks have some other pirates in mind. I have been hoping they would put this on DVD for years so as you can imagine I'm pretty "geeked up" about it's release.

Movie Description
The revolution came when we weren't looking. It happened in a garage. In a dorm room. In countless hours of effort, imagining and intrigue. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates were changing the way the world works, lives and communicates. The event-packed saga of the quirky visionaries who jump-started the future unfolds with exhilarating, cutting-edge style in Pirates of Silicon Valley. Noah Wyle (ER) portrays Jobs and Anthony Michael Hall (The Dead Zone) portrays Gates in this chronicle of the fierce and often humorous battle to rule the fledgling personal computer empire. "The story is almost Shakespearean... it's a tale of lust, greed, ambition, love and hate," writer/director Martyn Burke reflects. And it's a success story unlike any other.

Liberated Games

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Liberated Games - Free, legal games for download. Includes games like DukeNukem3d, Doom, Doom2, Wolfenstein 3d, Grand Theft Auto, and Grand Theft Auto 2, and many more.

Basically the story goes like this the person who started Liberated Games went to all the different developers and asked them if they would open source some of the old games they made for free distribution on the net, basically any of the games you might find today in the bargain bin of your local best buy or wal-mart. The amazing thing is many of the developers said yes. So now your able to download these classic games and thier respective licenses.

Check it out here

Metroid in 3D !!!

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Everybody loves the NES also known as the Nintendo Entertainment System it was the most popular game system ever and still almost 20 years later reguarded as the system that created todays game industry.

Here is a custom conversion of a classic. One of the most innovative NES games ever converted into volumetric 3d graphics and yes... its playable.

Way Cool!
Metroid 3D Check it out!

What the Font?

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So you have this picture, with some text on it and you would really like to use that font, then you can go to this site, it has a great function to find exactly the font you are looking for. If you dont, then they have identiy font.

Check it out!

Best Photoshop Tutorials

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Photoshop lover is the #1 stop photoshop tutorials and resource site. They have a huge collection of photoshop tutorials for photoshop users of all skill levels.

Yay Isa turns 5 !!!

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July through August is pretty big in my family with lots of birthdays right on top of each other, my parents, in-laws, and my daughters Isabelle and Olivia. So needless to say I'll be broke till Sept. That said, this July was very special because Isa had her 5th birthday and "they say" this is the birthday she will probably remember for years to come So we really wanted to make sure she had a great time so we planned a complete day of activities including lunch, a trip to see Geoffrey at Toys R Us and lots of great presents that kept her busy for the rest of the evening.

Now we just have to figure out what to do about Olivia's Birthday next month...

New Diggs...

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Finally!!! After two months of worry and frustration we have finally moved. No thanks to American Residential Funding, the lender who's incompetence and mis-handling costs us the first house we wanted to buy along with our 5,000 of earnest money and also no thanks to the seller of said house who was determined to be the most stubborn bastard on earth. he would not budge on the closing date and because our wacky lender needed a whole two-three weeks to prepare the docs :O

Fortunately there was a silver lining to our mis-fortune after all, after the very discouraging week of house hunting which followed we found a beautiful house near the same area, with lots of upgrades a huge backyard and much more livable space. Everything else sort of fell right in place our realtor reccomended a great mortgage guy. the sellers were very helpful and the woman handling our account at the title company couldnt have been more wonderful.

All that was left was the move and lots of help showed up at my door the morning of... so it was a breeze. Were still getting settled in and need to do a bit of painting, buying of furniture and electronics "BIG SCREEN" ;) I'll probably be posting lots of photos and progress reports so stay tuned!

Intel Based Mac?!

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No doubt most of you have heard about this already but I wanted to wait a week or so before posting my comments on this subject to fully digest the whole senario. In my opinion... "not that anyone cares" so long as Steve Jobs' desicion to tap into Intel's CPU line was part of a large scale strategic plan to finally gain a real foot hold on the mass computer market and not a wild idea brought on by a long weekend of crack smoking and drinking. This will be remembered as the biggest move in computer history and he will truly "change the game".

Imagine the possibilities, a Windows machine with the sleek styling of a G5 that can also dual boot the latest incarnation of OSX. Sounds pretty cool even for a self-proclaimed Mac hater like myself because lets face it, the Swingline stapler sitting next to my monitor has more style that the PC humming gently next to my knee.

Michael Jackson Acquitted

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Pop superstar Michael Jackson has been acquitted of all charges in his child molestation and conspiracy trial.

The jury in Santa Maria, Calif. announced its verdict this afternoon.

Jackson, 46, was charged with molesting a 13-year-old cancer survivor in 2003, plying him with wine and conspiring to hold the boy and his family captive to get them to rebut a damaging television documentary. In the documentary, Jackson held hands with the boy and told an interviewer he let children into his bed, but it was innocent and non-sexual.

Photoshop CS2

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So, I finally decided to upgrade from PS6 which I have been using since it came out (I have issues with change...) my plan was to upgrade to Photoshop CS which I was currently using a trial of, but upon browsing the adobe store I realized a newer version was available. Lucky me..? Well let me first say it took me about 6 hours to get it running because I had a weird problem causing the program to crash on launch. Eventually I got it running no thanks to Adobe tech support though who suggested I completely wipe and reload my machine :(

So far it is a pretty good upgrade. I am very impressed with the changes and can see how they will greatly improve my workflow immediately. Such as the new way of selecting layers (select click or ctrl click) no more layer linking, :D its so much faster.

On the downside...
If you thought Photoshop CS was a big fat memory hog well, you aint seen nothin' yet this program has a serious presence when its running and you will see slow down in your systems performance especially if you typically run multiple applications like me. (ex. photoshop, flash, dreamweaver, trillian, outlook express and multiple tabs in firefox.) so I will definately be adding a bit more ram soon though i hear it doesn't help much unless you also upgrade your video card or its drivers.

Like I said before overall its a great program and the improvements aren't obscure you dont have to dig around for them, most users will benefit from the new features in typical everyday use so I recommend Photoshop CS 2

-- 4 out of 5

Bad Design Kills

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Von Glitchka of Glitchka Studios is what many of us strive to be, a genuinely great designer and having spoken to him personally a really nice guy too. He, like most of us in the field has noticed the disturbing trend that is sweeping the design world. A person who has always considered themselves creative purchases a computer. After creating a flyer or two they suddenly decide to take on the title of graphic designer and start selling their services to the unwitting public.

Von created a website dedicated to helping these folks recognize and overcome their creative handicaps.

All Clients Should READ

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Hiring a creative services provider such as a graphic designer, illustrator or artist can be very daunting. Many times those tapped with the task have no idea where to even start looking eventually though a decision is made and you begin collaborating on a solution to your design problem. Another problem then arises you already have some idea of what needs to be created and how it should look but this designer person you've just hired seems to have their own ideas and not only that they seem to be completely different from what you had in mind yet they assure you their solution is the one you were really looking for. Well of course you resist this unforeseen change to your plans, but should you really resist?

A wonderful article by artist/designer Will Harris talks about just this...

Click here for the article