Aaron Spelling

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So in case you haven't heard already, world renowned producer Aaron Spelling passed away. Spelling died Friday at his Los Angeles mansion after suffering a stroke on June 18, according to publicist Kevin Sasaki. He was 83. Mr. Spelling was responsible for some the most well known and well respected American television shows and programming of the late 60s on through the 90s.

For more information on Aaron Spelling and his amazing portfolio check his imdb listing.

Been a while!

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As I was leaving a grocery store this afternoon there was a woman about 35-40 years of age sitting in a very nice Lexus. She was parked in the path of where my car was parked so I was obviously heading in her general direction. As I approached almost as if scripted she looked up, noticed me coming and I distinctly heard the doors lock. As I walked by I could see her watching me through her rear view mirrors.

Now I know what your thinking... oh no! here comes a rant on racism and equality well if that's what your looking for you should go elswhere because to tell the truth in the very same situation, parked in an unfamiliar neighborhood or if I notice an unsavory looking pedestrian approching my car I'd do the very same thing.

So why bring it up at all then? Because It's just been so long since this has happened to me I was starting to think I'd lost my mojo :)

Vegas Baby!

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Thanks so much to all the Howies for welcoming us to all of the scheduled meetups and letting us crash their party even though we didnt attend the conference. Thanks to Mel for inviting us to her wedding, it was a beautiful ceremony and I am so glad to have finally met you and Rob you two are awesome and I am glad to call you both friends.

Amy... I love you like the little sister I never had, the trip wouldn't have been nearly as fun without you and your barely legal adventures! And we've got the video to prove it, don't we maria? ;)

Steve... Every now and then you meet someone and you feel like you've known them for years. It's so easy for me to jump into conversations with you whether it was about tech, design or just life in general I'm glad to have met you. And your right if those techs hadn't shown up we would have had the whole loft wired right.

Jen... It was great to finally meet you and talk to you. We'll be seeing you soon.

Brandon... One cool cat... It was really great meeting you and likewise Tucson is just a short drive away so we'll be seeing you again soon.

Mary... Awesome, nuff said!

Keith... Go hug a F-ing Monk!

Dave... I wish I could have been there to help carry you back to Mandalay bay I felt bad leaving Dunder and the girls to do it. Oh well theres always next year!

Ladyluck... You were a witness in case the Vegas PD calls. LOL really I'm glad I met you I wish I could've met your husband I heard he is quite a character.

Cal... It was great to meet you in person, I hope your not too mad at me for ending up with JeffBob's website...

Jeope... We didn't get to talk much I wish we could've had a moment to talk shop I have always been a big fan of your work!

Prax... Another cool cat definitely one of the most interesting people I met.

Cheryl... What can I say, you rock I wish we could've talked more.

Michelle... We had a couple brief conversations and it was great meeting you, I hope to talk to you again soon.

E Downs, Delineate & Mrs. Delineate, Pez, Loren, N2, Doggydoodle... All great people I wish we could've talked a bit more. Vegas was really a whirlwind and considering we werent at the conference I know I missed out on the chance to get to know you all better but I am glad to have met each and every one of you and I will talk to you all again soon.

And if I met you and you think I forgot to mention you, believe me you're in there too just read between the lines... :P

Maria posted some pics so I'm going to steal her link...

How do you spell revenge?

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R-E-V-E-N-G-E? no it's spelled... N-o-w-i-t-z-k-i

Nowitzki scored 12 of his 30 points in the fourth quarter, including six during a game-changing run. Jason Terry scored the other six in that run and finished with 18. Nowitzki also had 14 rebounds.

Okay now that Phoenix has officially been gunned down my temporary run as a Mavs fan is over. Good job guys!

There's still hope yet...

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Ok... so I'm totally pissed my Lakers got knocked out of the playoffs, and the fact that it was the Suns that did it, is just insult to injury. In order to get some satisfaction I have decided to temporarily jump on the Dallas Mavericks band wagon strictly till I get some revenge.

I don't know why I hate the Suns so much, I just do and it will make me giddy to no end if Dallas beats the Suns. Go Mavs!