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Walk into the bathroom and someone has dropped "THE BOMB". Normally I'd just run out of the bathroom immediately, but I really had to go. So I Hold my breath dash to the closest urinal, do my business and wash my hands all in about 5 seconds flat.

Just as I'm ready to break for the door, someone walks in. We make eye contact and I give a polite nod, my eyes saying dude it wasn't me. He nods back, his eyes saying yeah right stank-o-saurus why don't you try and cut back on the Mexican Food.

This same scenario has happened before, but I never know the proper etiquette to follow. Do I simply say aloud, "know what you're thinking and it wasn't me". After all I could be speaking to the perpetrator himself, who has returned to the scene looking to finish what he's started. Wouldn't he be offended?

I Am Jack's Broken Heart

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