3-2-1, Blast Off!

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The bikes are aired up and ready to ride. One more step in my plan to have a more healthy active lifestyle (no more weekend couch potato-ing, well, moderate to light potato-ing).

Powers, Not as Bad as You Expected

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The first episode is so-so, but second is pretty decent. All of the powers stuff is cheesy, costumes, effects, the whole shebang. Sharlito Copley's acting is really uneven, but the supporting cast picks up the slack. The super-villain is a fake-ass David Slade, but the reason I'll keep watching is Eddie Izzard.

In The Midst of Galactic Civil War

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Three friends from work and I started a game of Star Wars - Imperial Assault today. This was my first experience with a tabletop RPG and it happened to be Star Wars themed, which was a major bonus. Great "DM", great scenarios, great fun!

My mom was a BAMF too

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Random throwback photo to show my mom and my aunt we're BAMFs!

Turns Out Snowpiercer is the Bioshock 3 Gamers Have Been Waiting For

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Joon-ho Bong's American film debut, Snowpiercer, has been on my watchlist since it was first announced back in 2012. Long before all of the studio edits and other movie biz controversy that ultimately postponed the film's initial theater run and long before Chris Evans dazzled everyone in ...Winter Soldier.

Recently, I sat down (finally) to watch the film via Netflix Watch Instantly and to my delight, I loved it. It contains all of the nuanced set/costume design, insane asian influence and powerful characterizations that get me excited about the art of filmmaking.

But even more interesting, looking back the one thing that struck me most about Snowpiercer, is how much its themes mirror those of video games. Primarily I'm thinking about Bioshock and Bioshock: Infinite. In fact, since seeing the movie I've taken to lovingly referring to the film as "Bioshock: Snowpiercer", or "Bioshock 3".

The question I want answered now though, is why the hell didn't someone tell me go see "Bioshock: Snowpiercer" back when it was still in theaters?