Photoshop CS2

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So, I finally decided to upgrade from PS6 which I have been using since it came out (I have issues with change...) my plan was to upgrade to Photoshop CS which I was currently using a trial of, but upon browsing the adobe store I realized a newer version was available. Lucky me..? Well let me first say it took me about 6 hours to get it running because I had a weird problem causing the program to crash on launch. Eventually I got it running no thanks to Adobe tech support though who suggested I completely wipe and reload my machine :(

So far it is a pretty good upgrade. I am very impressed with the changes and can see how they will greatly improve my workflow immediately. Such as the new way of selecting layers (select click or ctrl click) no more layer linking, :D its so much faster.

On the downside...
If you thought Photoshop CS was a big fat memory hog well, you aint seen nothin' yet this program has a serious presence when its running and you will see slow down in your systems performance especially if you typically run multiple applications like me. (ex. photoshop, flash, dreamweaver, trillian, outlook express and multiple tabs in firefox.) so I will definately be adding a bit more ram soon though i hear it doesn't help much unless you also upgrade your video card or its drivers.

Like I said before overall its a great program and the improvements aren't obscure you dont have to dig around for them, most users will benefit from the new features in typical everyday use so I recommend Photoshop CS 2

-- 4 out of 5

Bad Design Kills

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Von Glitchka of Glitchka Studios is what many of us strive to be, a genuinely great designer and having spoken to him personally a really nice guy too. He, like most of us in the field has noticed the disturbing trend that is sweeping the design world. A person who has always considered themselves creative purchases a computer. After creating a flyer or two they suddenly decide to take on the title of graphic designer and start selling their services to the unwitting public.

Von created a website dedicated to helping these folks recognize and overcome their creative handicaps.

All Clients Should READ

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Hiring a creative services provider such as a graphic designer, illustrator or artist can be very daunting. Many times those tapped with the task have no idea where to even start looking eventually though a decision is made and you begin collaborating on a solution to your design problem. Another problem then arises you already have some idea of what needs to be created and how it should look but this designer person you've just hired seems to have their own ideas and not only that they seem to be completely different from what you had in mind yet they assure you their solution is the one you were really looking for. Well of course you resist this unforeseen change to your plans, but should you really resist?

A wonderful article by artist/designer Will Harris talks about just this...

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