Halo 3

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With such praise and adoration flooding the blogs, the televisions and the message boards it’s somewhat difficult not to get caught up in some of the excitement now known as “The Biggest Day in Entertainment History”.

I classify myself as a hard-core gamer and a moderate to casual Halo fan I know the back story and enjoyed the previous games but Halo 2 left a bad taste in my mouth. Suffices to say I was not entirely excited about Halo 3’s launch, at least not until the Microsoft marketing blitz really hit full steam. Slowly I found myself looking to September 24 with an increasing eagerness and anticipation. I finally picked up my copy admittedly giddy cranked the volume way past 11 and was greeted by the all too familiar Gregorian Chant that has come to define the Halo series, and so it begins.

If I were to review Halo 3 based solely on the campaign the game would definitely receive a lower score than the 8.5 out of 10 I am giving it. Quite honestly I was initially disappointed read more...

Run every day: 1 Month

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Today is a bit of a milestone for me, a little over one month ago today I was involved in a conversation with a co-worker of mine who at the time had been on a consistent running streak for six months. He pointed me in the direction of RunEveryDay.com which is the official website of the United States Running Streak Association. After further discussion and some consideration I decided to start my own running streak on September 17. I proud to say I have now run 1 mile or more for 30 days my goal is to continue the streak for at least six months, and ultimately a year. But I still doubt you'll hear about me participating in any marathons because streak or not I still hate running.

You can find out more about the USRSA at www.runeveryday.com