A Cheap Ass Gamer & The Mark of Kri

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Title: The Mark of Kri
Genre/Category: Action, Adventure
System: PlayStation®2
Number of Players: 1
Game Rating: ( M ) mature audiences

I never hide the fact that I love playing video games, I own a PS1, PS2 a Gamboy Advance SP and a Nintendo Gamecube in fact I will probably be buying an Xbox soon. The thing that suprises most people is that I am pretty cheap when it comes to buying games, typically I buy used games or from the bargain bin. Its not that I have some sort of thing against paying full price for games, I just would like to play every great game that I come across and with so many games coming out contstantly I have a very long list of games out there I still need catching up on. Believe it or not some even date all the way back to 2002. One good example is "The Mark of Kri".

The Mark of Kri is a game that for years I have really wanted to play but somehow never picked up till now. basically its a platformer about a barbarian fighting to stop the evil forces from yada yada, blah blah... The games strong points are a unique fighting system which employs the right analog stick to dynamically select which enemies you will focus on and attack, nice graphics which hold up suprisingly well after 3 years and the ability to dispach your enemies in a variety of very violent yet creative ways. There are tons of unlockables which add lots of replay value and the missions have good variety allowing you to choose from stealth or a full frontal assault to accomplish your goals.

The game also has great music and a well written storyline you can easily see the developers were influenced by Conan, there's even an alternate costume you can unlock which pays homage to one particular scene in Conan the Barbarian. "I won't spoil it but Wow"!

Overall the Mark of Kri is an excellent game that may have slipped under your radar when it was originally released it has tons of unlockables for added replay value and can be had for close to the price of a game rental, if your into platformers or a fan of the Conan movies I suggest you pick this one up.

- Big Kid Score - 5 ot of 5

Tempe Music Festival 2006

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So, this year were getting an early start on the Tempe Music Festival website Yay! It's pretty exciting because it seems I am going to get a bit more creative control and I am going make all the updates this year so I won't have to dumb down the design or HTML code so someone less experienced can update. I believe the result will be a much more professional and uniform looking site.

We are still having some trouble nailing down the perfect design so there is just a splash page up now, feel free to check it out here I hope to post updates as we progress so you can see how it all comes together and maybe get a little insight on my process.