Yay Isa turns 5 !!!

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July through August is pretty big in my family with lots of birthdays right on top of each other, my parents, in-laws, and my daughters Isabelle and Olivia. So needless to say I'll be broke till Sept. That said, this July was very special because Isa had her 5th birthday and "they say" this is the birthday she will probably remember for years to come So we really wanted to make sure she had a great time so we planned a complete day of activities including lunch, a trip to see Geoffrey at Toys R Us and lots of great presents that kept her busy for the rest of the evening.

Now we just have to figure out what to do about Olivia's Birthday next month...

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Finally!!! After two months of worry and frustration we have finally moved. No thanks to American Residential Funding, the lender who's incompetence and mis-handling costs us the first house we wanted to buy along with our 5,000 of earnest money and also no thanks to the seller of said house who was determined to be the most stubborn bastard on earth. he would not budge on the closing date and because our wacky lender needed a whole two-three weeks to prepare the docs :O

Fortunately there was a silver lining to our mis-fortune after all, after the very discouraging week of house hunting which followed we found a beautiful house near the same area, with lots of upgrades a huge backyard and much more livable space. Everything else sort of fell right in place our realtor reccomended a great mortgage guy. the sellers were very helpful and the woman handling our account at the title company couldnt have been more wonderful.

All that was left was the move and lots of help showed up at my door the morning of... so it was a breeze. Were still getting settled in and need to do a bit of painting, buying of furniture and electronics "BIG SCREEN" ;) I'll probably be posting lots of photos and progress reports so stay tuned!