All Hail the GOD OF WAR

Title: God of War
Genre/Category: Action, Adventure
System: PlayStation®2
Number of Players: 1
Game Rating: ( M ) mature audiences

God of War instantly immerses you battle on a ship floating in ancient Greece. Not the Ancient Greece you remember from geography class, this is Greece as you’ve only imagined it complete with Gods, Goddesses and mythical creatures of lore. In the game you play as Kratos the ultimate anti-hero tattooed pale skinned and blood thirsty Kratos is haunted by nightmares from a dark and mysterious past which unfolds as you progress through the game.

Kratos takes on a mission for the gods which will literally lead him to the ends of the earth and back. Armed with the Blades of Chaos and pair of swords chained to his forearms Kratos is able to dispatch his enemies performing the most viciously bloody, violently creative, attacks imagine-able. All of which are pulled off with ease thanks to a smartly laid out control scheme which will send you plowing through your foes, more powerful enemies will trigger short mini games consisting of well timed button presses or rotations of the analog sticks followed by a brief animation of Kratos performing some slick moves and confounding his victim before landing the killing blow. A truly sweet reward for your effort. These mini games add depth to the fighting system and breaks up the button mashing frenzy nicely.

Throughout the game you will encounter a variety of puzzles large and small all very creative and challenging, not chuck your PS2 out the window challenging though. The rendering, textures and level design are simply astounding playing in widescreen progressive scan this game just sparkles & shines showing the PS2 while 6 years old has been in need of the right developer to come along and unleash it’s true power.

The boss battles are intense, each Boss a wildly stylized and fresh take on classic beasts of Greek mythos will send your jaw hurtling to the floor as they dramatically burst into the scene in full pre-rendered glory purposefully blocking the path to your next objective. Each battle, epic in scope Will stay with you long after you have put the controller down, in fact you may sprout a few gray hairs as proof of you determined victory.

Completing the game will award you with production diaries, concept sketches, new game modes for added replay value and a look at deleted character models.

Final Word...

God of war is not just a game; it’s a surreal experience that you must not miss out on. If you own a PS2 this is the one game you MUST play, if you don’t own a PS2 they’re cheap now go get one and pick up this game while you’re out, you won’t regret it. --

- Big Kid Score - 5 ot of 5

these pics make me...



More Macaroni and cheese please?... please?

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Kraft, which makes brands like Oreo Cookies, Oscar Meyer, Velveeta and Jell-O, announced a second revamping yesterday, one that would eliminate 8,000 jobs, or 8 percent of the work force, and close 20 plants. The overhaul comes on top of 5,500 layoffs and 19 plant closures that were announced two years ago.

Packaged-food companies, which aim their products at ordinary shoppers, are beginning to see slower growth as consumers are choosing the convenience of eating out at restaurants or relying on take-out — while making fewer trips down grocery aisles.

When this restructuring is done in 2008, Kraft will have eliminated nearly 14,000 jobs and closed down 40 plants.

Ode to Maria


Maria is amazing

When she was twelve years old she moved to Arizona from the isle of Puerto Rico she did not speak or read English, she struggled in the beginning but managed to in a very short time become fluent in English. Today Maria speaks more eloquently than most people I know and has little or no sign of an accent. In fact most people who don’t know she can speak Spanish have reactions of shock and surprise when they hear hablo her espanol.

Love at first sight
After our first date I knew Maria and I would one day marry, I am often very shy when I first meet someone and yet with her I felt completely at ease, conversation came naturally and we just seemed to click.

She is the only woman who has ever shown me the same love, respect and attention that I give to her. She understands me... I have my toys, my games and can be pretty mischievous. She embraces my youthfulness rarely disapproving she often joins in on the fun. I attribute the success of our marriage to our ability to laugh and play together.

Love is a Verb
Many people think love is this feeling you get in your gut or some magical force that takes you over. The truth is, you know you’re in love when you are willing to do what ever you can to make another person happy. Love is everyday… not some fancy dinner on Valentines day or a piece of jewelry on a Birthday, its every minute of every hour of every day in-between. All of the hundreds of small decisions you make on a daily basis which you know will directly impact her happiness in some small way.

- Thank you Maria for showing me how to love.

Starting Fresh

So after numerous issues with movable type and trying to learn CSS and XHTML so i could completely customize my blog I finally decided to switch to Blogger. Maybe one day when I have a firm grasp on XHTML I will give Movable type another chance or even try my hand at Word Press
until then this will be my new home...

RIP: Chris Penn

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Actor Chris Penn, the younger brother of actor Sean Penn, was found dead near the Pacific Ocean in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica.

No cause of death was immediately determined but there were no signs of foul play, police sources said.

A family spokeswoman confirmed the death and said the Penn family "would appreciate the media's respect of their privacy during this difficult time".

Chris Penn's credits include "Mulholland Falls," "Rumble Fish," "All the Right Moves," "Footloose" and "Rush Hour." His latest film, "The Darwin Awards," is scheduled to premiere tomorrow at the Sundance Film Festival.

Recently, Penn voiced Officer Eddie Pulaski in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Our thoughts are with his family and fans.