Intel Based Mac?!

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No doubt most of you have heard about this already but I wanted to wait a week or so before posting my comments on this subject to fully digest the whole senario. In my opinion... "not that anyone cares" so long as Steve Jobs' desicion to tap into Intel's CPU line was part of a large scale strategic plan to finally gain a real foot hold on the mass computer market and not a wild idea brought on by a long weekend of crack smoking and drinking. This will be remembered as the biggest move in computer history and he will truly "change the game".

Imagine the possibilities, a Windows machine with the sleek styling of a G5 that can also dual boot the latest incarnation of OSX. Sounds pretty cool even for a self-proclaimed Mac hater like myself because lets face it, the Swingline stapler sitting next to my monitor has more style that the PC humming gently next to my knee.

Michael Jackson Acquitted

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Pop superstar Michael Jackson has been acquitted of all charges in his child molestation and conspiracy trial.

The jury in Santa Maria, Calif. announced its verdict this afternoon.

Jackson, 46, was charged with molesting a 13-year-old cancer survivor in 2003, plying him with wine and conspiring to hold the boy and his family captive to get them to rebut a damaging television documentary. In the documentary, Jackson held hands with the boy and told an interviewer he let children into his bed, but it was innocent and non-sexual.